At age 86 Morjorie Newlin is an inspiration to anyone at any age. Morjorie was born in the US, but raised in the culture and lifestyle of her mother, an im- migrant from Barbados..

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There's no need to stretch the truth about stretching...check out the rewards of treating yourself to just fifteen minutes of stretching every other day.

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Most of us are not aware of the negative impact on both physical and mental health caused by being chronically mildly dehydrated.  This state of dehydration decreases both mental and physical performance by a drastic 20%!

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BBRM is a tax-exempt charitable organization under the
provision of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

BBRM means concern for the health of Black people.  We reach out to those who suffer the brunt of many health disparities—diabetes, hypertension and prostate cancer to name a few.  We bring knowledge about health issues to the attention of the public.

Our African American Cultural Health Symposiums gather big entertainers together with the Black community to create health awareness, highlight health promotion, and to encourage health literacy, maintaining our position in health advocacy.

Since 1997, we have been cultivating interest, concern and responsibility for health in the Black community.  At BBRM we aim to improve the health of Black Americans by insisting that we be as conscious of our health as we are of our history.

 Join BBRM to become an aware advocate of your own health and to contribute to the movement with your time or financial support.


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