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The Wealth of Water!      
     Everyone knows that severe dehydration leads to death within days; in fact, it’s one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Most of us, however, aren’t aware of the negative impact on both physical and mental health caused by being chronically mildly dehydrated, a condition currently afflicting a large and growing percentage of the US population. This subclinical type of dehydration is defined as a loss of one or two percent body weight due to fluid loss. Don’t be fooled just because this type of dehydration doesn’t require medical attention. This state of dehydration decreases both physical and mental performance by 20%!
      Black people at BBRM: We cannot say enough about how important it is for you to drink more water! Depending on age and leanness, the human body is 50-90% composed of water! Considering this ratio enables one to better understand the importance of this too easily ignored nutrient. Water is the body’s life support. It assists in digesting, absorbing, dissolving and transporting (circulating) essential and nonessential substances, removing waste products, regulating nerve impulses and muscle contractions, and maintaining body temperature. It lubricates and helps to structure your tissues and cells, is needed for chemical reactions, including energy production (metabolism), and to support the immune system.
         Water is also necessary for proper sensory awareness and cognitive-perceptive functioning. You feel significantly more awake, alert, and able to concentrate when adequately hydrated. When you are dehydrated, your body seems to adapt to that state by having to put forth more physical and mental effort, resulting in headache, fatigue and decreased emotional stability, patience, and ability to concentrate. So before you reach for the aspirin, caffeine, or antidepressants, drink more water Black people!
     The physiological risks associated with dehydration are even more far-reaching, as research has revealed it to be a factor in childhood and adolescent obesity and the following diseases: urinary stone disease, urinary tract, bladder, colon, and breast cancers. Black people: Drink water as a powerful preventative action!
     Now that you’re ready to increase your consumption of water, you will find the following information helpful.

Copyright 2006 Elle Housman
Positive Scribes

  “Bring me water for the flowers in my mind”
~Eryka Badu