• Health group splits from CU

    Black Biomedical Research Movement seeks growth.

    Patrick Allen is one of the country's leading AIDS/HIV researchers, working since 1995 as principal investigator on a $1.2 million NIH-funded study of the HIV capsid structure (the region containing the viral genetic material) and how the structure relates to infectivity of the deadly virus.
  • Patrick Allen - an activist for black biomedical research

    senior, English
    University of Colorado at Boulder Research Associate Patrick Allen continued the Chancellor's Community Lecture Series with his presentation "Scientist Turns Activist: The Black Biomedical Research Movement," Jan. 7.
  • CU researcher focuses on black health issues

    Colorado Daily Staff Writer
    HIV affects proportionately more black people than it does white people.
  • Pat Allen targets AIDS research, raising health consciousness in the black community

    Office of News Services
    As a Westchester, N.Y., high school student in the late 1970s, Patrick Allen was an admitted bookworm. He spent many wintry afternoons in the wrestling room doing his homework, waiting for his younger brother to finish practice.
  • Researcher worried about blacks' health

    Denver Post Medical/Science Writer
    Patrick Allen is as passionate about raising awareness of health in the black community as he is about his research into the mysteries of HIV.
  • Young blacks encouraged to pick biomedical research

    Camera Staff Writer
    DENVER - Patrick Allen compares his dream of a 'black biomedical research movement" to the women's movement.
  • Black teens groomed for healthy life

    News staff writer
    When a - group of black teens asks you if the AIDS virus was developed to get rid of African Americans and homosexuals, how do you answer?
  • A Revolution of One

    Rocky Mountain News staff writer
    Ever since his youthful days as a bookworm, Patrick Allen wanted to be a scientist. After landing a prestigious undergraduate internship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute in New York in the summer of 1983, he knew what he wanted to study: HIV.
  • Black Biomedical Warfare

    Black Issues in Higher Education
    When Patrick Allen, Ph.D., was awarded a $1.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to define the structure of the AIDS virus, he didn't know that only 0.37 percent of biomedical research funds were given to black scientists.
  • Passionate and Articulate About the Need for Change, Allen is Also an Excellent Role Model.

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    Scientist Patrick Allen '84 is on a dual mission-to probe the complexities of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and to increase awareness in the black community about the need to become involved in biomedical research.
  • Dr. Patrick Allen

    Dr Patrick Allen, a native of Jamaica-born in the Warika Hilis area off Windward Road, Kingston, holds a Undergraduate Degree from Springfield College B.S. in Biology and a Post-Graduate Degree from the University of California Santa Cruz, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. Dr Allen is a professor and research associate at the University of Colorado at Boulder and is one of the country's leading AIDS/HIV researchers.
  • Promoting Good Health Through Music

    An accomplished Molecular Biologist in the United States, Dr Patrick Allen still remembers his roots in Jamaica's music. On a recent visit, during which which he spoke with Jamaica's most prominent entertainers, Dr. Allen took the time out to chat with RT magazine.